How you can help

We are so thankful for your interest in supporting Melody's N.P.O. mission. Without your generous efforts we will not be able to help the children who need our assistance. We rely on donations to help fund our programs.

Your contributions are essenĀ­tial for Melody's N.P.O. to serve the children who need our help.

You can help in many ways:

  • Gift Donation
  • Car , Clothes, Toys, Educational materials Donation
  • Volunteer
  • Host an Event
  • Corporate Support/Sponsorship
  • Banner Link on your website to show support for Melody's N.P.O.
  • Help by providing medical supplies or help to purchase insulin pumps for children, to avoid them from giving themselves multiple injections a day for survival.
To Donate your unwanted items, please call or text to schedule a pickup